Friday, July 13, 2012

Looking Back

Looking back on this "blog" tells me two things.   I still do NOT know how to blog and it seems I only blog on holidays and birthdays or special events. This particular one being my Birthday month!!!!  As the great Stevie Nicks says......Children get older ....I'm getting older too.  I have found getting older is not so bad, just different. But so much better than the alternative. We are taking some time to "play" For my husband this means game time. For me its just more crafting , but crafting that "I" want to do, not something that someone ordered!   And that feels so good! So here is one of my recent days of play.

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  1. Maxine, these are so much fun! I am all about color and these certainly have that! I am afraid I would wear these out quickly as I would not wear anything else! Love them! Great job! :)


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Sisters Birthday Bag

Sisters Birthday Bag